Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Quick ramblings from the author

Custom bikes and the lifestyle will never leave my blood. When they say biker for life I believe they meant it. The First time I was introduced to bikes was when i was about 3 years old, We lived in Brixham in Devon and my Aunt and Uncle visited from London on there Norton Navigator. I was aloud to sit on it and tweak the throttle. Well from that moment onwards I was hooked .

I had to wait about 12 years to get my first bike with an engine, An old Honda SS50 5 Speed. From that point there was no looking back and bikes have been a massive part of my life since. 
If you have a story to tell or anything you want me to put up on this blog just give me a shout, As long it is about Bikes, Bikers and the lifestyle i will chuck it on here. Lets keep it free and see where it goes.